What We Do

SP3 focuses on the Southeast part of the United States and provides education, research and consulting for public and private businesses, municipalities, universities, and not-for-profits.

SP3 uses its analytical thinking, proprietary research and educational processes to accelerate the shift toward value creation through sustainable principles and systems thinking. Through its network of resource providers, SP3 also offers a wide range of technical expertise to help implement audits, measurements, and designs related to triple bottom line goals.

We educate and consult with executive teams, boards of directors, government officials and neighborhood groups and respond about issues and opportunities associated with environmental footprint, climate change, energy management, and a carbon-constrained economy. The firm’s work is supported by extensive research, targeted studies of the competitive landscape, a network of experts in sciences and business, and a never-ending focus on educating clients.

Client Engagement Process

Our client engagement process begins with an educational program and exploration, followed by fostering a dialogue with the client to provide an overview of a comprehensive strategy. An introductory session is used to review the basic client engagement process, to review case studies related to the consulting challenge of its work, and to learn about the challenges the organization is facing.

Our consultants go beyond the typical corporate, social, and environmental responsibility – our firm views sustainability as the greatest business opportunity of modern times. We work with clients to develop sustainable strategies that systematically address organizational and community challenges.

We offer information in specialized forums in addition to our advisory services:


We use webinars to communicate state-of-the-art ideas to stimulate thought. These webinars are free, public events that last about 30 minutes and cover one specific topic.  See our calendar of events for an upcoming webinars.  Sign up for email alters and send us a message about topics of interest to you and your colleagues.


We offer dedicated single and multi-day workshops to increase organizational capabilities. These workshops span a wide variety of topics and include case studies, action research, discussions on company challenges, and state-of-the-art research summaries. Our bias is toward building capacity to continue learning on one’s own.

Recent webinar and workshop topics have included:

  • – Design Thinking in Strategy Formulation;
  • – Strategic Analysis and Decision Making;
  • – External Analysis for Strategic Thinking;
  • – A Natural Environmental Lens on Organizations and Management;
  • – Entering Emerging Markets;
  • – Global Strategic Management;
  • – The Value of Nature and Ecosystem Services;
  • – Nexus and Sustainability;
  • – Impact Investing.

Newsletters and Blogs

We publish various information to help keep you and your colleagues informed on the latest research and practices related to strategic thinking and sustainability. We offer recommendations on books, articles, and other consulting groups who can offer specific services to help you think and act strategically.

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