Coley Schiro

“Following completion of his bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech he joined the Marine Corps, serving for approximately 10 ½ years as a Data Systems and Communication Command and Control Officer.  Beyond his military experience, Chris has held several career enhancing positions to include Computer Systems Engineer, Global Hosting Manager, Senior Environmental Educator, Wildlife Caretaker and Rehabilitator, Science Teacher, Computer Systems Trainer, Disaster Recovery Specialist, Youth Development Specialist, Sustainability Manager, and Strategic Environmental Management Systems Consultant.  In addition to his current consulting work he is pursuing a master’s degree from Wake Forest University in Sustainability.  He has a bachelor in Accounting with and Accounting Information Systems Option from Virginia Tech, and extensive Masters and PhD work at UNC Charlotte in Earth Science and Urban Regional Analysis respectively, with research concentrations in watershed scale hydro-ecological modeling and modeling human/natural environment interactions through the combined application of informatics, complex systems, sustainability and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).”

Coley Schiro
MA ’16 Sustainability; Formerly: Sustainability Technician, Corporate Sustainability Team, Sealed Air Corporation, Charlotte, NC; Currently: Green Solutions Analyst, Sustainable Business and Green Solutions Group, London Stock Exchange/FTSE Russell, Fort Mill, SC
Tom Smith
“Since joining Wake Forest University in August 2016, I have had the privilege of getting to know Dan Fogel. Although we have only known each other a short period of time, Dan’s exceptional reputation clearly precedes him. He is passionate about a variety of specific topics, i.e. Sustainability, Impact Investing and Design Thinking to name a few. But, what makes Dan so special and effective is his overarching passion for teaching. He has been a perennial favorite among students in our MBA Programs and recently expanded into teaching Certificate Programs. His appetite to teach and to learn is infectious. His enthusiasm for being in the classroom elicits a reciprocal response those he teaches. One of the best!”
Tom Smith
Executive Director, School of Business – Charlotte Center, Wake Forest University
Jon Clift
“Dan is a masterful instructor and has the ability to create very effective learning environments. Dan’s mastery of organizational strategy is impressive, but even more so is his ability to teach it to others in ways that benefits the way these people can apply the information immediately.”
Jon Clift
Director of External Affairs, Professor of the Practice, Wake Forest University, Center for Energy Environment and Sustainability.
Mac Steele
“We approached Dan to help us with our corporate strategy. He led us through a series of constructive prep meetings so that when we came together for the day as a team, we were ready to get down to work. He pushed us to think outside the box in how we approach both current and future markets by teaching detailed segmentation guidelines. His energy and creative approach helped push as a management team to reach a collective goals that helped us achieve our focused push into new markets. He provided in depth and candid feedback after our meetings that gave us a platform for us to develop. After our offsite work with him, he was available for follow up consultation continuing to give guidance and advice on how we can achieve our strategic goals. I couldn’t recommend Dan more as a facilitator for helping teams shape their strategy and business development plans.”
Mac Steele
Sales Manager – JC Steele and Sons
Photo of Dr. Carl Smart
“In order to be successful in the business world, one needs to have an in-depth knowledge of the complexities of strategy. Within his strategy class, Dan Fogel managed to deconstruct this vast, convoluted concept and present it in such a way that his students were able to learn and put the ideas discussed within the class to use. His personality inspires his students to remain engaged with the material, and his teaching style made this complex topic far easier to understand. Personally, I have been able to apply the concepts that he has taught me and use them within my own companies — resulting in a three-fold improvement in the desired outcome.”
Dr. Carl A. Smart
Physician, Novant Health Pulmonary Medicine South – Monroe
Photo of Rich Pandullo, MEM, CEM

“For the past eight years, I have interacted with Dr. Fogel on numerous climate/energy initiatives for clients representing a wide array of sectors – including industrial, municipal and university. He has been a valued collaborator with great energy, innovative problem-solving ability, and vision for integrating sustainability into an organization. For clients having difficulty getting started on the sustainability journey, he has an uncanny knack for providing insights into building the business case for such efforts and effectively conveying the message throughout an organization.

Dr. Fogel and I have also interacted on education and awareness training in the sustainability realm. He is well-recognized for captivating any crowd in a workshop setting and is skilled at encouraging participants to think beyond their normal boundaries and preconceived notions.

He is a true asset for any sustainability development team.”

Rich Pandullo, MEM, CEM
Director – EHS Performance & Risk Management, Trinity Consultants

“Dan Fogel ‘makes a difference’ in the most positive way. He is a passionate educator, an effective communicator, a trusted adviser, consultant and leader known for going ‘above and beyond.’

I have worked with Dan at Wake Forest University over a number of years. He has received numerous awards and extensive recognition for his graduate-level classroom work and established deep expertise in an amazing array of topics such as strategy, sustainability, and design thinking. He carries that rare ability to communicate concepts and ask questions engagingly as he plants seeds of intellectual curiosity and/or challenge, all the while, cultivating an ongoing conversation and relationship in the exchange.

Dan Fogel is respected for his knowledge and breadth of experience domestically and internationally. He strives to make a positive impact and strategically analyzes every opportunity in order to be better the next time. He is.”

Carol Oliff
Executive Director, Wake Forest University
Photo of Meg Seitz
Dan Fogel taught our Wake Forest University MBA class’s introductory case study during orientation in August 2011; as he worked us through the Patagonia case study, I was both amazed and intimidated at how his brain worked – and how he pushed each of our respective intellects to keep asking questions and keep exploring not only this case, but also everything that we’d encounter from here on out in Wake’s program. I found his technique and energy unique, refreshing and easy to relate to in the course of business graduate work. I returned to WFU in Summer 2016 to take his Design Thinking for Innovative Business Program Solving certification course; the main reason I took the course was because of Dan; I wanted to learn more about how he goes about tackling opportunities and challenges, as I feel strongly that the way his brain works is what we need more of in this world.”
Meg Seitz
Founder & Managing Creative Partner, toth shop llc.

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