We work with various sectors. We tend to focus our efforts in five areas:

Consumer Products

We work a great deal with consumer products companies for two main reasons.  First, they have profound impacts on our environment and even small improvements on product design or company operations can have large impacts on the over all environmental footprint of theses companies.  Second, these companies have been leaders in changing their operations to decrease environmental impacts – thus, we are able to develop more advanced processes and strategy with these companies.


We work with local and state governments because they can have profound impacts on their regions.  We focus our work first on getting municipalities to improve their environmental strategies.  We then work to spread their influence to the communities in which they work.  We developed assessment tools and educational materials specific to the needs of these government offices.


Similarly, universities are important leverage points for work with environmental sustainability.  Our goal is to influence operations, investment strategies, curriculum, alumni affairs and the overall institutions’ strategies to increase their capabilities to by an environmentally sustainable organization.  We developed BASE,  a proprietary tool for assessing colleges and universities and for helping these organizations integrate their environmental principles and practices with overall organizational strategy.

Financial Services

Financial services organizations are critical to the environmental sustainability of our world. They are sources of financing projects and companies. Yet, they are far behind consumer product and industrial organizations in recognizing the need for bringing an environmental lens to their organizations. While European and Asian financial service organizations are ahead of U.S. based banks, this is a relative statement. All financial service organizations need lots of work in this area. Therefore, we have focused on working mainly with banks to improve their environmental sustainability.
Healthcare Business Industry

Health Care

Health care market dynamics are rapidly changing as are regulatory forces and consumer expectations. This sector includes several industries. Our healthcare consulting expertise is built on a detailed understanding of each client using proprietary strategy tools.  Our cross-disciplinary insights can help you fuel innovation, reduce costs, optimize digital technologies and achieve maximum, sustained value. We specialize in strategy development and the unique sustainability area.

Contact us to see if our skills can be helpful to you. We are continually developing our assessment tools and techniques to help various organizations.


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