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What We Do

SP3 is a boutique firm with a highly sophisticated hands-on approach. It uses its analytical thinking, proprietary research, and educational processes to accelerate the shift toward value creation.  It is unique in its use of sustainable principles and systems thinking.  Through its network of resource providers, SP3 offers a wide range of technical expertise to help design strategies, implement performance improvements, measurements, and designs related to financial, social and environmental goals.

SP3 provides expertise on strategic thinking and seeks to be a trusted advisor and counselor to a variety of organizations and institutions.  We serve leading businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and not-for-profits.  We help these organizations implement performance improvements based on strategic directions that we help them design.  Our engagement process unlocks insights though guided discussions, partnering with organizational members, analytics, research, and case analogies.

We have a bias to create prepared minds so that organizational members are more capable to act and continue to learn about strategic issues they face.  We also encourage organizations to adopt principles and practices related to sustainability.

SP3 educates and consults with executive teams, boards of directors, government officials, and educational leaders and helps organizational leaders respond to external and internal challenges, many of which are associated with an organization’s or a region’s environmental footprint, competitiveness, climate change, energy management within a carbon-constrained economy. The firm’s work is supported by extensive research, targeted studies of the competitive landscape, a network of experts in sciences and businesses and a never-ending focus on educating clients.

SP3’s work is typically consulting, analytical modeling and insights, and instructional services to help leaders create core business strategies that promote innovation, create value and assist in differentiating themselves in the marketplace.  SP3 can handle a wide range of organizations, from small private companies and schools to large Fortune 500 businesses and municipalities.

How We Do It

Our client engagement process usually begins with an educational program or exploration to find key organizational challenges. Good strategy responds to challenges! This work is followed by fostering dialogue with the client to provide an overview of a comprehensive strategy with a sustainability lens. We review the basic client engagement process, review case analogies and research that can inform our work, and to identify the challenges the organization is facing. SP3 consultants go beyond the typical corporate, social, and environmental responsibility actions. Our firm views sustainability as the greatest business opportunity of modern times.

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